Monday, 15 February 2016

Project meeting in Okna

In the end of November we all met for the first time. There was the first project meeting in Okna.
All partners schools came: Anna, Stella and Malgorzata from Poland, Kaija, Seppo and Anssi from Finland, Björn and Anne from Sweden, Conchi and Carmen from Spain.
The project meeting took part together with the student exchange. There came 9 children from Poland, 4 children from Finland and 2 children from Sweden. They stayed in czech host families.
We worked on the project and we spent a good time together.

 Presentations of the partner schools:
Work on the project:

Meeting the mayor:
Trip to the Bozkovské caves and Mnichovo Hradiště:
Concert of the medieval music Solideo in the church:

Orienteering in the surroundings of Okna:
Meeting in the tepee:

Wednesday, 10 February 2016


Colours of nature, Finland                               

Pupils age:
Colours of nature
Crafts, art
Size of the class:
Number of lessons:
Connection to other subjects
Biology, physics, chemistry


Collecting bio waste and spices, buying the photo copying paper


First we watered the copying paper, next we put the bio waste and other materials on the paper and then put it under pressure. We used books to do that. The next day we took the books away and took the materials away from the photo copying paper using water. Then we let the papers dry. That happened quite quickly.

Afterwards we made cards out of the pictures.


Surprising figures and ornaments on the photo copying paper.


Easy but smelly the pupils commented.