Wednesday, 20 June 2018

A12 Water, Poland

Polish students visited Waste Water Treatment Plant.

A14 First aid, Poland

Students from Primary School in Kowala went to Fire Station and learnt first aid.

A15 Food, Poland

Polish students visited a special educational farm and had workshops.

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Making fire and cooking in Finland

Because the common warning of forest fires was on in whole of Finland in May we had to make the fire inside a cabin and not in forest. We used the Hunters' Club's hut near our school. The classes 4-6 had small eco fires to use. They practiced the safety factors of using living fire.

 Here are the eco fires.
 The eco fires burned with a big flame and gave a lot of heat.
The pupils had sausages and marshmallows to cook on the fire.
Filtering water in Finland, Hyrsinki school

The pupils learned how the nature works filtering the water trough the layers of dirt, sand and rocks to get pure drinking water. They filled the bottles (which were cut open from the bottom) with several types of sand and little rocks and then poured dirty water from the ditch nearby to the bottle. As a result they got rather clear water.

First aid in Finland   
The pupils of classes 4-6 practiced first aid by using several kinds of bandages for wounds and broken legs and arms. They practiced also basic life support with a human shape blanket and a heart shape instrument which they pressed to learn the proper way of giving help.