Monday, 2 January 2017

Documentation                                    Kuvahaun tulos haulle suomen lippu                      
Activity number:
"Art project at school and visit to a library"
Art and Craft
Name of the activity:
Kid E-lit
29 November 2016
Number of pupils:
Pupils age:
Connection to other subjects:

Finnish, English

Preparatory activities:

One teacher took part in a Nordic E-Stories Seminar arranged by the Finnish Children Literature Institute on the 8th November 2016.


The pupils went to see an exhibition of e-literature made by children in the main library in Tampere.

Subsequent activities:

At school they draw their own pictures or took pictures of their own with iPads and wrote then stories to their pictures using iPads.
Cooperation with the library of Pirkkala and the University of Tampere  (the teacher took part in a research on the cooperation between schools and the library).


The pupils worked enthusiastic with their themes and the final products were nice.
The final products of this activity were shown to other pupils of the school and some of them will be shown in the blog of the Erasmus+-project. In addition to these some of the works will be published also in the final report of the “Cooperation between schools and library” – project.


The joy of making e-stories of their own in groups was remarkable. Also the new form of cooperation with the library of Pirkkala was a very positive experience.      

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