Sunday, 6 September 2015

Primary school in Okna

Primary school in Okna
Okna is a small village in the north of the Czech Republic.

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Our school has three parts: primary school, kindergarden, forest kindergarden.
There are 50 pupils in the primary school, 6 – 11 years.
We have four classes: first year, second year, third year and the fourth and fifth year
There are four classteachers, an art teacher, two assistants.
We have a school club until 4.30 pm with two assistants.
And we also have a school canteen.
We are focused on Environmental Education and English. We start with English in the first
year. We develop cooperation with other schools in Europe.
We organize sport and outdoor activities (skiing, cycling, hiking).
We cooperate with other village schools of our region .
We use our schoolground and open-air classroom in lessons.

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