Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Frostviksskolan / Jormskolan

The primary school Frostviksskolan is situated in the small village Gäddede, the central village of Frostviken, the most remote part of the municipally of Strömsund. Including Jormskolan, which belongs organizationally to the same district, we have 72 pupils of the age 6 to 16.
The school is surrounded by great and unique nature in the Swedish mountains, so it started to focus on “nature pedagogic” one year ago. That means that we try to implement the resource “nature” in our daily education, wherever it is possible. The forest is just 50m away!

With approximately 0.2 inh./km2 is Frostviken one of the less densely populated areas in Sweden. The central village of the municipally (12 000 inhabitants) Strömsund with the same name is 130km away. With 240km of distance is Östersund the closest town.

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