Friday, 18 September 2015

Primary School in Kowala, Poland

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Our school is a state primary school which has students aged from six to thirteen; we have also got a kindergarten with pupils aged from three to five. It is located in the village Kowala, which is in the Sitkowka-Nowiny Commune. Sitkowka-Nowiny Commune is situated in the central part of Swietokrzyskie province, close to a very important road – nr 7 – between Warsaw and Cracow.  Sitkowka-Nowiny Commune is very attractive, due to its geographic position. It is distant only 12 kilometres from the central part of a big city Kielce, located in Checinsko-Kielecki Landscape Park and it is surrounded by places with many tourist attractions typical to Swietokrzyskie region.
    Primary school in Kowala started service before the First World War and it was a small wooden building then. A few years later a new brick school building was made. Now, we have got a new big building with 8 classrooms, a gymnasium, a computer laboratory, a library, a common room and two big classrooms for the kindergarten. Our students can join a School Theatre Club, judo lessons and a scouts group. Students have swimming lessons and younger pupils can learn horse riding.

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